Welcome to South Australia Police (SAPOL) Request for Review Portal

    If you have received a SAPOL Expiation Notice you can make an online request for review of Photographic Evidence or review of an Expiation Notice.

    You can request a review if you believe that:

    • the notice is trifling under section 4(2) of the Expiation of Offences Act 1996
    • the notice is incorrect or a mistake has been made
    • there are other exceptional circumstances.

    Trifling is where:

    • there were compelling humanitarian or safety reasons for you committing the offence, or
    • in all of the circumstances you could not have avoided committing the offence, or
    • the conduct by you that amounted to the offence was a technical, trivial or petty breach of the law.

    Before requesting a review you might like to:

    A review allows SAPOL to decide if we want the notice to continue.

    If you want to contest the notice you can elect to go to court where a magistrate will make the decision.

    Request to review an Expiation Notice

    If you have such grounds for a review, please complete the following details and then click the Submit Button.

    Do not proceed with this Request for a Review if you intend to:

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